AmmoSki's Bombs and Other Droppings

Well, i finally graduated! It is time to find a real job and do cool stuff. In the Fall, grad school cometh. But, in the mean time, I am working on a complete redesign of the webpage. The new page will have an AMMO section as well as all the personal stuff you all don't care about. I'll probably end up making a new subdomain for that or some such thing. So it is slow going. I first need to make a decent logo and I am not much good at using The GIMP. So it is going to be a while.

I was a 461x0 AMMO troop in the USAF (IYAAYAS!) stationed at Lakenheath, UK from Nov 89 through Nov 93 and Mcchord, WA from Nov 93 through Nov 94. I am thinking that I will add support for all of the hits I seem to be getting from all my AMMO bro's out there but that won't come until sometime in 2006 (so don't hold your breath :P). Seems like since Uncle Meat gave up his website, there really isn't a good AMMO site out there, but then again I haven't looked for one for some time now... I am rambling.

So, for the time being, this site is mainly dedicated to my family and friends. Bretzke's or anyone curious about Bretzke's should check out the 2004 Bretzke Family Reunion website. Until later...