So, you've come to this page looking for the dirt on me, eh? Well, I'll give you some of the info for which I am sure you are sitting on the edge of your seat... hehe

Favorite drink - Cadillac Margarita

Favorite sport - Sharks Hockey (don't really follow it much though)

Favorite passtime - camping/fishing

Favorite bands - old Scorpions, old Van Halen and Slayer

Favorite music type - Rock/Thrash/Metal/Punk

Favorite sexual position - Wouldn't you like to know! (maybe not :P)

Favorite ice cream - Rocky Road

Nicest place I've lived - Chico, CA

Fastest time in the 1/4 mile sprint - Just under 24 hours

Best OS - Mac OS X has just won me over

Bank account number and password - 8675309/Jenny

Ok, that should be more than enough for now. If you are really curious, check out my LiveJournal page. I think I might start updating it again. I haven't decided yet so I am not bound to this statement!